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Develop your skills in a supportive and practical way

A 6 week study program with Toni to develop and heighten your sense of awareness with spirit.

This study program will support the beginning intuitive on their path to psychic or mediumship work and will teach you the ins-and-outs of working with spirit and receiving information. This is a practical and well-rounded way of approaching spirit connection and helps those who are wanting to know more about their intuitive abilities. You won't find any fear-based practices or airy-fairy mechanics here!

Learn how to:

  • Gain confidence in identifying information from spirit vs your mind

  • Accurately receive information that can be validated

  • Strengthen each clair sense to deliver a well-rounded profile of the messages you're receiving

  • Distinguish between psychic and mediumship information

  • And much more!

The study course will include:

  • 6 live Zoom calls once a week to include discussion of each clair sense

  • Practice exercises with groups and partners to work your skills

  • A private Facebook group to post your questions, get feedback, or work with Toni more in depth

  • Recordings of each class in case you can't make it live

  • A 1:1 thirty minute coaching session with Toni to gain clarity on your direction and answer any personal questions about your development


Module 1

Sensing Energy

This module focuses on tuning into your senses. You already do this all of the time, but now you're going to do it with the intention of sensing the spirit world. This will be your introduction and break down of each of the clairs, how they work, and how they are used in spirit communication.

Module 2

Establishing the Blend

This module focuses on guiding you into feeling spirit and letting them take you on a journey. You will learn how to put your feelers out there through your awareness and magnetize that one spirit your client needs to hear from the most.

Module 3

Ego vs. Intuition

This is probably the number one question I get as a professional medium: how do I know if what I'm getting is my mind vs. spirit? In this third module, you're going to learn how to distinguish true spirit connection and that of the ego. It's a subtle difference that will take some practice to discern, but I'll show you all my tricks for it.

Module 4

Neutralizing the "No"

The dreaded "no" in a reading. We all shudder at the thought. In this module, I will help you establish a feeling of neutrality when it comes to getting a "no" in a reading. I'll teach you that through getting it wrong, you'll learn how to get it right.

Module 5

Unfolding the Complete Story

Does it feel like your readings are missing that storytelling element? It seems as if you're just snatching evidence, but it doesn't really go anywhere? In this module, I'll help you use all of your clair senses in developing a complete story of the person in spirit.

Module 6

Connecting With Confidence

In this final module, you will take everything you've learned and show us what you got. You will be confident in constructing and presenting a well-rounded reading that brings guidance, laughter, and healing. This will be my special formula that turns your readings from "meh" to "wow"!


At the end of our time together you are going to feel certain in your evidence from spirit, confident in making a connection, and supported in your development. I want to help you go from fear, uncertainty, and needing direction, to knowledgeable, self-assured, and working with purpose.

Let's work together and I'll show you how!

Connection to Clairs 6 Week Study Program Investment: $439

Early Bird/Member Pricing: $395 ONLY through August 5th

*Email me for Payment Plan Info at

Before August 5th: 2 payments of $208 | After August 5th: 2 Payments of $230

Connection with the clairs - 1 payment

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