The Soulful Medium Mastermind

For the medium who is ready to take it to the next level and grow their spiritual business

You've been studying mediumship for a while now and the pull from spirit is getting so strong that it's hard ignore. This might be your sign that it's time to expand your reach, work with your ideal clients, and create the dream business you've always wanted!

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This urge to step into something bigger than yourself is your soul calling you towards a career in professional mediumship. Embark on a journey of true healing and fulfillment through running your own spiritual business.

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The Soulful Medium Mastermind:

Work towards your short and long term goals when it comes to your mediumship services and offers

Identify your target audience and how to attract your ideal clientele

Pinpointing your weak spots in your mediumship to deliver consistent results every time

Build your niche through a personal aesthetic and work your social media magic

Show off your leadership skills by running your own platform demonstrations or development circles

Create a professional looking online presence and simplify your workload with intuitive apps

Course Breakdown

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Your Unique Magic

This first module is going to help you get to know yourself and what unique talents you bring to your mediumship. You will refine and build upon what your soul is calling you to do

Crunching Numbers

This module will guide you to take action and apply practical steps towards running your own business. You will understand the logistical processes of running a business and making money

Mediumship Matters

This module will help you begin to build your services and create irresistible offers for your clients. You will learn how to build a course or circle that stands out among the crowd

Build Your Brand

This module will focus on branding yourself to become a presence online and in the spiritual space. You will create your personal aesthetic that will set the stage for how you want to be seen

Overcoming Obstacles

This module will help you face your limiting beliefs when it comes to money and building a business for yourself. You will target your weak points and learn to work with them

Lead With Heart

This module will dive into the ethical practice of being a professional medium. You will learn how to hold space for your client and students and demonstrate mastery through dems or circles

Bonus: Your Astro Blueprint

This final bonus module will dive into your astrology chart for you to see what your biggest strengths are as a spiritual practitioner, the types of people who will be your ideal clients, and how best to communicate to serve your audience

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Included content

6 months of live and interactive business & mediumship content

Peer mastermind sessions to share ideas & encouragement

Templates & PDFs to streamline your ideas & creations

Lifetime access to private Facebook community

Helpful resource downloads & apps to simplify your process

Your Astro Blueprint: A masterclass on diving into your natal chart to discover your strengths as a professional medium

Guidebook of resources for mastering social media, your website, & more

The Marketing Magnet video which details how to set up your own professional looking website

Mediumship Bonuses

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