The soulful medium mastermind

For the medium who is ready to take it to the next level

**January 11 - March 29, 2021**

A 12 week study program with Toni to develop and heighten your sense of awareness with spirit and integrate a practical approach to help you develop as a professional medium.

This study program will support the beginning intuitive on their path to psychic and mediumship work and will teach you the ins-and-outs of working with spirit and receiving information. This is a practical and well-rounded way of approaching spirit connection and helps those who are wanting to know more about their intuitive abilities and be able to do professional readings for the public. This study program will integrate the most efficient and practical approach to help you develop a strong foundation for mediumship.

Learn how to:

  • Identify information from spirit vs your mind to gain confidence in delivery

  • Accurately receive information that can be validated so you can sustain your link

  • Strengthen your link with spirit to get detailed evidence

  • Refine your presentation skills to gain confidence and consistency in your readings

  • Learn how to tune into your client to know the right way to approach the reading & what to do if it goes wrong

  • And so much more!

The study course will include:

  • 12 live Zoom calls once a week that coach you on connecting to spirit, with specific exercises to practice

  • 12 practice circles with partners and groups so you can work your skills in real time

  • A private Facebook group for you to post your questions, get feedback, or work with Toni more in depth

  • A 30 page companion journal to reflect on your growth during these 12 weeks with independent exercises to strengthen your skills outside of class

Meditating in Mountains

Module 1

Sensing Energy

This module focuses on tuning into your senses. You already do this all of the time, but now you're going to do it with the intention of sensing the spirit world. This will be your introduction to Sitting in the Power and recognizing the subtle differences between you and spirit.

Module 2

Maintaining The Link

This module focuses on guiding you into feeling spirit and letting them take you on a journey. You will learn how to follow the thread of the spirits' story and keep the information flowing.

Module 3

Expanding The Evidence

This module focuses on how your own unique way of perceiving energy and how to deliver it. I teach you how to find your "anchor" and work through metaphorical vs literal evidence.

Module 4

Overcoming Obstacles

This module will explore your own personal beliefs that hold you back from delivering evidence with confidence and clarity. You will also learn to distinguish between psychic and mediumship information to give your client a well-rounded reading.

Module 5

Creating The Message

In this module you will dive into the message of a reading and how it becomes the backbone of healing for your client. I'll teach you how to wrap up your reading by helping your client get some much needed guidance.

Module 6

Connecting With Confidence

In this final module, you will take everything you've learned about connecting with spirit and be able to make a connection to spirit confidently. You will also learn how to refine your presentation with professionalism and compassion for your client.

At the end of our time together you are going to feel certain in your evidence from spirit, confident in making a connection, and supported in your development. I want to help you go from fear, uncertainty, and needing direction, to knowledgeable, self-assured, and working with purpose.

Let's work together and I'll show you how!

Course dates: Every monday from January 11 - March 29, 2021

Time: 4:00 - 5:30pm Pacific time zone

Bonus 1: SITP Webinar Recording

For everyone who enrolls in the course, they'll get a link to my Sitting in the Power Webinar which will take them through what SITP is and how meaningful it is to development

Bonus 2: 30/60* Minute 1:1 coaching Session

For anyone who signs up within 48 hours, they will receive a free 30 minute coaching session with me to get specific help with your mediumship development. Ask questions, practice, and get encouraging feedback! *For anyone who pays in full, this coaching session becomes 60 minutes

Bonus 3: 60 Minute gallery readings masterclass

For anyone who pays in full, they will get an exclusive invite to a 60 minute masterclass on how to do gallery or group style readings. How a medium approaches a private reading is very different than a group reading. If wanting to pursue gallery style readings is in your future, you will love this masterclass!

The Soulful medium mastermind - Full payment


12 weekly coaching sessions

Private Facebook group access

Bonus 1: SITP Webinar

Bonus 2: 60 minute coaching session for those who sign up within 48 hours

Bonus 3: 60 minute Gallery Readings Masterclass



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The Soulful medium mastermind -

3 Payments

$331 x 3

12 weekly coaching sessions

Private Facebook group access

Bonus 1: SITP Webinar

Bonus 2: 30 minute coaching session for those who sign up within 48 hours



Click here to Pay in installments

*For those who were on the waiting list and want to join, please email me for your special price!*

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