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A 6 week study program with Toni to dive into the foundational layers of astrology to decode your soul's unique blueprint and become more confident in interpreting a natal chart.

Has the study of astrology always intrigued you but just thinking of all the layers and meanings has you overwhelmed? What if I told you that astrology is all about associations and interpretation and you absolutely CAN get a better understanding of it? It's all about breaking down the study of astrology into digestible layers that make it fun, understandable, and empowers you into knowing why your soul chose the planetary placements it did and what it means for your life. Because I feel the study of a person's natal chart can shed light on your life strengths and challenges, I wanted to create a beginner's course in astrology so that you can understand how the planets and signs play a significant part in your life which can ultimately lead to great healing and growth.  

In The Soulful Astrologer Mastermind You Will Learn How To:

  • Identify planetary and sign placements within a chart to gain an understanding of what they mean

  • Practice with other students to interpret the meanings behind signs, planets, and aspects

  • Get to know the "trifecta" of who you are which is your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

  • Go in depth with your soul's trigger points including the North & South Node and Chiron

  • Layer meanings to give a complete picture of what sign, planet, & house combinations mean to empower yourself or a future client

  • And so much more!

The Study Course Will Include:

  • 6 live Zoom calls once a week with theory and practical application

  • 6 interactive small group or partner exercises so you can work your skills in real time

  • A private membership community for you to post your questions, get feedback, or work with Toni more in depth

  • A 20 page companion journal with tons of information about what we cover in class

  • Weekly homework exercises to strengthen your skills outside of class time

Solar Eclipse

Module 1

The Zodiac Signs

This module will go through all 12 zodiac signs, with an in depth explanation of their meanings, planetary rulers, qualities, and what characteristics are expressed when they are part of your Big 3

Module 2

The Planets

This module will thoroughly explain each planet, their characteristics, zodiac companions, retrograde periods and much more. This module will help you begin layering signs with planets

Module 3

The Houses

This module will go over the houses and the life areas of your unique natal chart. We will dive into what it means when a house is empty and the overall set up of a natal chart with different house systems

Module 4


This module will introduce major aspects and how they affect the energy between signs and planets. This fourth layer will help bring a more complete picture to your natal chart by showing you your strengths & challenges

Module 5

The Nodes & Chiron

This module will introduce the soul's biggest purpose and biggest wound and why these two points are so important when studying soul purpose astrology. We will go into the history and mythology of these points and what they mean for you personally as well as societally

Module 6

Your Natal Chart Revealed

This module will guide you through practicing reading a natal chart in its entirety starting with the chart as a whole and then breaking it down layer by layer to go deeper into the meanings to paint a complete astrological picture. *This week will have you reading a natal chart for a sitter*

At the conclusion of this introductory course, I want you to feel inspired, empowered, and knowledgeable about astrology and how it plays a bigger role in your own life.​ The Soulful Astrologer Mastermind will give you a great head start into understanding the layers of astrology and inspire you to interpret the stars in your own unique way!

Let's work together and I'll show you how!

Course dates: TBD

Bonus 1: VIP Exclusive for Wait list

This 60 minute workshop will explain how to forecast horoscopes for the different signs so that you can create meaningful astrological write ups for yourself, your friends, or your business *DATE TBD


Bonus 2: Reading the ephemeris

For anyone who pays in full, get a crash course in reading the Ephemeris. We will spend about 90 minutes learning how to interpret it, how we can use it for forecasting and transits, and how to look backward or forward in time to see past life events or what may happen in the future *DATE TBD


Bonus 3: Your soul's trifecta pdf

For everyone who enrolls, you will receive a pdf document explaining your Sun, Moon, & Rising Signs and how these three points emulate the person you are. Know what your strengths and challenges are with an understanding of how the trifecta shapes your life


Bonus 4: Personal Astrology Session

For the first 3 people to pay in full, you will receive a complementary 90 minute1:1 Soul Purpose Astrology session with me so you can learn all about who you are and what you're meant to be doing in this lifetime. This session will be scheduled after the completion of the course


The Soulful Astrologer mastermind - Full payment

6 weekly coaching sessions
Private membership community access
Bonus 1: Reading The Ephemeris
Bonus 2: The Trifecta PDF
Bonus 3: Free Astrology Session for the first 3 students to pay in full

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The Soulful Astrologer mastermind -
2 Payments

6 weekly coaching sessions
Private membership community access
Bonus 1: The Trifecta PDF
*First payment due at sign up. Second payment to draft during Week 3

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The Soulful Astrologer Mastermind has room for 12 students so that everyone gets personalized attention as much as possible. Secure your place quickly! If you have questions, don't hesitate to send me an email.

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