The Soulful Astrologer Mastermind

For the astrologer who is ready to discover their connection to the stars & Live Life With Purpose

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Has the study of astrology always intrigued you but just thinking of all the layers and meanings has you overwhelmed? What if I told you that astrology is all about associations and interpretation and you absolutely CAN get a better understanding of it?

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It's all about breaking down the study of astrology into digestible layers that make it fun, understandable, and empowers you into knowing why your soul chose the planetary placements it did and what it means for your life.

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The Soulful Astrologer Mastermind:

Identify planetary and sign placements within a chart to gain an understanding of what they mean


Practice with other students to interpret the meanings behind signs, planets, and aspects

Get to know the "trifecta" of who you are which is your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Go in depth with your soul's trigger points including the North & South Node and Chiron

Practice working with the Ephemeris to forecast a future event


Layer meanings to give a complete picture of what sign, planet, & house combinations mean to empower yourself or a future client

Course Breakdown

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The Zodiac Signs

The first two modules will go through all 12 zodiac signs, with an in depth explanation of their meanings, planetary rulers, qualities, and the characteristics expressed

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The Zodiac Signs Cont

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The Planets

This module will thoroughly explain each planet, their characteristics, zodiac companions, retrograde periods and much more. This module will help you begin layering signs with planets

The Houses

This module will go over the houses and the life areas of your unique natal chart. We will dive into what it means when a house is empty and the overall set up of a natal chart with different house systems


The Aspects

This module will introduce major aspects and how they affect the energy between signs and planets. This fourth layer will help bring a more complete picture to your natal chart by showing you your strengths & challenges

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North Node & Chiron

This module will introduce the soul's biggest purpose and biggest wound and why these two points are so important when studying soul purpose astrology. We will go into the history and mythology of these points and what they mean for you personally as well as societally

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The Natal Chart

This module will guide you through practicing reading a natal chart in its entirety starting with the chart as a whole and then breaking it down layer by layer to go deeper into the meanings to paint a complete astrological picture

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Natal Chart Reading

The final module will have you practice your skills in real time by reading a natal chart for a sitter. It's time to put your unique spin on how you interpret a chart!

Bonus: Forecasting

To ensure you're able to continue with your astrological knowledge, we will have a masterclass on learning how to forecast. This class will have you writing horoscopes in no time

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Included content

9 weeks of live and interactive astrological content

Practice opportunities with other students

In depth companion journal with all the class information

Lifetime access to private Facebook community

Helpful resource downloads, apps, and my favorite books

The Trifecta, a downloadable pdf that explains the importance of the Sun, Moon, & Rising signs

Forecasting Masterclass for all students

An easy to use template for writing up your own natal chart findings

Astro Bonuses

Payment Options

Pay In Full Option

8 weeks of live classes
Bonus Week: Forecasting

Weekly Thursdays!
June 2 - July 21, 2022
5:30pm EDT

*Replay available if you
can't make it live

Weekly Payment Option
x 8 weeks
8 weeks of live classes
Bonus Week: Forecasting

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