Soulful mediumship &

Business Coaching

Take your spiritual business to the next level with an intuitive mindset

What is Soulful Mediumship & Business Coaching? Soulful Mediumship & Business Coaching is a way for us to work together that helps you align with your soul purpose by creating a business centered around doing readings for the public. This coaching is a fusion of my stand alone mediumship mentoring and my soul aligned business coaching. I want to help you realize how amazing you are as a medium so that you can make money with your abilities and grow your spiritual business!

Who are these sessions for? 

  • Those who are intuitive and are ready to live out their soul purpose in all areas of their life, including their business

  • Those who know the path of mediumship is for them and needs a mentor who can help them refine their skills to develop professionally

  • Those who have started, or want to start a spiritual business but needs help getting it off the ground and navigating the world of marketing and engagement

  • Those who aren't afraid to work on traumas and triggers that hold them back from reaching their business, mediumship, and life goals

  • Those who are are determined to live their life to the fullest and take the work seriously (putting yourself first!)

  • Those who have a hard time keeping themselves accountable and needs consistency from a mentor who can teach you how to balance work and life

  • Those who want to work with a coach that supports them mentally, emotionally, and spiritually


What do the sessions entail?

  • Private 60 minute weekly sessions where we develop your mediumship skills and begin building your spiritual business. This hour is dedicated to what you need to work on to make progress in your development and steps to creating an online presence

  • Practice exercises that challenge your mediumship mechanics. This can include reflective readings, 1:1 sessions with strangers, or small group readings

  • Self development work which can include journal prompts, shadow work, or overcoming obstacles in your mediumship

  • Focusing on creating content from your core essence and maintaining this mindset through your life and business to help build your signature brand

  • Strategies and tricks for honoring your intuitive gifts and getting them to work for you in obtaining clients so you can begin making money

  • Access to my favorite programs and apps to develop material for your business and to maintain your socials

  • Following up on your "homework" from the previous weeks to ensure you're following through with your plan

  • Making any necessary changes to the plan that no longer resonate or need to be updated

How do you know I'm the right mentor for you?

  • My philosophy is empowerment. I don't allow you to skimp on responsibility

  • I help you eliminate negative self-talk or using situational experiences as an excuse to hold you back

  • I have many years of mediumship and intuitive experience to help guide you on a practical approach to expanding your abilities

  • I take my work very seriously and I hold you accountable for being an active participant in the process. If you want a mentor to just tell you what to do, I'm not the person for you! You have to want this for yourself!

  • My tactics will push you out of your comfort zone and it will feel scary. But growth happens when we take a risk and I want you to have the best life and career doing what you love!

Session Parameters

  • Weekly 60 minute private sessions on Zoom

  • Check-ins throughout the week for questions, concerns, breakthroughs

  • Voxer access seven days a week to check in or ask questions


  • 12 month mentoring/coaching package (48 weekly calls) Investment: $5,108

    • Payment Plan #1: Pay $2,760 in two increments

    • Payment Plan #2: Pay $480 monthly

Clients will be expected to read and sign an agreement that outlines the schedule, cost, and details of the mentorship/coaching before the first session. A free consultation is required to ensure we are the right fit for each other and our goals are aligned. Future clients will also need to fill out a Google Survey with preliminary questions so I can get to know you better

I look forward to working with you!