Spiritual Assessment

Navigate your abilities by connecting to your higher self

Spiritual Assessment

Whether you're just starting out on your spiritual journey or are already in, but are facing some challenges, this service is for you. I'm often asked how one can begin their path of healing for themselves and others and this service speaks just to that.

We can begin the service by just doing a spiritual assessment of what I am intuitively getting. This information can come psychically, from loved ones in spirit, or even from your spirit guides. The information brought through usually pertains to the energy around your thought patterns and how they are manifesting in your present state.

Once we make some validations about what was said, we can then answer any questions you're having about your spiritual journey. Maybe your gifts are opening but you're not sure what to make of all of it. Or maybe you want to know how to communicate with spirits. Or perhaps, you need reassurance that you're in alignment with your highest self. Whatever the case may be, this session can leave you feeling validated, inspired, and motivated to continue on your path of healing.

*Readings are offered via video chat through Zoom or by phone. When you book a session, please indicate whether you'd like to connect via video chat or by phone by making a note when you book.  If by video, a personal Zoom link will be emailed to you, and if by phone, my business number will be emailed to you. This information will be included in the Reminder Email, so please watch for that! 

A recorded mp3 file will be emailed to you through Dropbox to be used for future reference.

what others are saying...

I received a psychic reading from Toni and I was blown away!! she provided me with insight that I can carry with me for years to come♡ I totally recommend treating yourself to one of her sessions🙌

Toni is incredibly gifted and intuitive. She has a sweet, and caring demeanor and is very helpful in connecting to your loved ones that have passed. I highly recommend her.

I would highly recommend Toni to anyone who is open to having an spiritual experience. She was professional and real. Cant wait for my next reading! XO

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