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Are you ready to take your spirituality deeper?

Soul Star Society

A monthly membership where you can expand on your spiritual journey in a supported and encouraging way. Open for the beginner or intermediate intuitive who wants to deepen their communication with spirit and feel confident with the information they receive.

What is this Membership about?

This membership is designed to bring together a community of like-minded intuitives who want to deepen their connection to spirit by learning the mechanics and teachings of psychic - mediumship. This membership helps those who want to dive deep into their spiritual unfoldment to help others professionally, or to understand their own personal connection to spirit and what it means for them. The themes of this membership will focus on uncovering blocks and limitations that keep you from feeling confident in your skills so that you can show up with confidence and excitement to bring through messages from spirit.


Who is this membership for?

  • Individuals who are committed to living a soulful existence in all areas of their life

  • Individuals who are ready to expand their abilities in connecting to the spirit world to bring abundance and light to their life

  • Individuals who want to work with a group of like-minded individuals to feel supported

  • Individuals who aren't afraid of doing the shadow work to allow themselves to be who they truly are

  • Individuals who want to listen to their guides and higher selves to move past the Ego and live with awareness 

What is included in the membership?

  • 60 minute Zoom calls with Toni and the other Soul Star Society members to discuss topics related to your spiritual unfoldment & the practice of your psychic/mediumship skills so that you can grow your confidence in doing readings

  • Monthly goals and exercises to so you can work through your blocks or increase your strengths

  • A private Facebook group so you can post your insights, get advice, or bounce ideas off of with the other members

  • Surprise perks like guest speakers, astrological insights, and 1-1 coaching with Toni

  • Journal prompts, slideshows, and/or pdf documents to download so you can use them as a resource for your growth

  • Unlimited access to all past calls and documents for the lifetime you are a member!

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How to join

The price to join is $55/month & you'll have full access to past content as well as new content until you cancel.

You can get started by clicking the PayPal link above which will get you subscribed automatically. Be sure to check your email for all the details about to come your way! Or send me an email and we can chat about getting you started.

Come be a a part of a community that supports your spiritual development and take your purpose to the next level!

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