Psychic - Mediumship Private Mentoring

Grow your abilities through a dedicated spiritual practice

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If you are starting to come into your abilities and having experiences you can't explain, and you know you are being called to be of service to others by providing healing for them, then private mentoring might be the right fit for you

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My private mentoring sessions are custom to what you want to learn, your own personal goals, and how far you want to take this new path. We start the sessions exactly where your abilities are right now and work towards the goals you've set for yourself

What I'm looking for in a student...

Is eager and open minded to learning new techniques and concepts

Belief systems that align with love and respect for spirit (no fear based teachings here!)

Understands that development is lifelong and will constantly change

Accepts their role in the mentorship by showing up, doing the work, and taking action

Wants to develop their mediumship to a professional level so that they can continue healing with their own clients in the future

Session Parameters

60 minute private session(s) on Zoom

Check-ins throughout the week for questions, concerns, breakthroughs*

Voxer access seven days a week to check in, ask questions, or receive guidance*

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1 hour stand-alone session (book anytime)

4 week package

8 week package

*Consultation is required for all commitment levels to ensure our goals align and that I'm the right mentor for you. Voxer access only for packages

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Session Details

Stand alone session

Consultation required

Student may choose from available times to book their 1 hour session

Book as often as you'd like

Practice with sitters required

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$135 Per session

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What would a typical call look like?

  • The first 1-2 weeks of our time together will be spent assessing your skills. I will give you specific mechanics to practice to see where your blocks are and what you need help with. You will practice giving me a reading the first week so that you can feel comfortable and safe connecting to spirit and delivering evidence. Then we will progress into doing readings for others.

What will be required of me outside of the coaching?

  • I highly encourage establishing a Sitting in the Power practice to help you tune into spirit consistently and to grow in your abilities as well as practice sessions with other mediums or the public. But I am your teacher, not your mother. So as much effort and dedication you put into it, the better you will progress. In a perfect situation, I'd love for you to be as invested as possible, but I know that's not always the case. But if I sense a student isn't energetically involved anymore, it will be time to reassess their goals.

What are the differences between the standalone sessions and the packages?

  • The standalone sessions are for the person who isn't super committed, or isn't quite sure mediumship is for them, but has an interest in it and wants to refine their skills.

  • The standalone sessions do not really have a chronology to them and will be more focused on meeting you where you are right now and working on specific mechanics that will help you develop more confidently.

  • The package sessions include weekly check ins and Voxer access where you can message me in real time to chat about questions you have or success stories you want to share.

  • The package sessions will have a bit more chronology to them as I will get to know you and your skills and can create exercises for you to work on where you will be able to see the progress you make.

Can I take a few sessions, take a break, and then come back when I'm ready for more?

  • Absolutely! The whole reason I created these sessions was for you to get the help you need when you need it. Test the waters, understand how you uniquely work with spirit, and develop in a practical way so you grow in your confidence!

I have more questions!

  • Awesome! I love questions. You can book a consultation with me by clicking the button above, or send me an email here. I'd love to help you figure out if this is the right fit for you!