Psychic & mediumship Private Mentoring

Grow your abilities through a dedicated spiritual practice

If you are starting to come into your abilities and having experiences you can't explain, or you know you are being called to be of service to others by providing healing for them, then private mentoring might be the right fit for you.


My private mentoring teaches you how to give readings, understand the mental blocks that come about during your development, and provides you tools to develop efficiently and ethically. If you're not feeling a standard run-of-the-mill course, but want something more personalized, then 1:1 mentoring is the way to go.


My private mentoring sessions are custom to what you want to learn, your own personal goals, and how far you want to take this new path. We start the sessions exactly where your abilities are right now and work towards the goals you've set for yourself.


As a student of mine, you will be required to do some homework and create actionable steps to ensure you're making progress. This is usually done in the form of practice readings where I observe and give you feedback as you go. Or starting a Sitting in the Power practice to enhance your connection to spirit. You will feel comfortable and confident in the work you're doing and you will learn everything I know to help you reach your best potential!

My ideal student is someone who:

  • Is eager and open minded to learning new techniques and concepts

  • Comes from a place of trust and love for the spirit world

  • Understands that development is lifelong and will constantly change

  • Accepts their role in the mentorship by showing up, doing the work, and taking action

Session Parameters

  • Weekly 60 minute private sessions on Zoom

  • Check-ins throughout the week for questions, concerns, breakthroughs

  • Voxer access seven days a week to check in, ask questions, or receive guidance

  • Students must have access to Dropbox for file sharing


  • 6 month mentoring package (24 weekly calls) Investment: $2444

    • Payment Plan #1: Pay $1222 in two increments

    • Payment Plan #2: Pay $408 monthly

  • 12 month mentoring package (48 weekly calls) Investment: $4888

    • Payment Plan #1: Pay $2444 in two increments

    • Payment Plan #2: Pay $1630 in three increments

    • Payment Plan #3: Pay $408 monthly


Students will be expected to read and sign an agreement that outlines the schedule, cost, and details of the mentorship before the first session.

If private mentoring is what you need, please click the Free Consultation button to set up a 20 minute discovery call. We will discuss your goals, what you're hoping to learn, and we'll make sure our personalities fit before embarking on this amazing journey together!

I look forward to working with you!

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