Tips for your reading

Create a safe space to nurture your soul and receive healing

Rock Balancing

In order to prepare for your mediumship or astrology reading it's important to get your energy into one of high vibration.

A few days leading up to the reading, try to relax and remain as open as possible. Indulge in self-care and try to release feelings of low vibration such as anger, anxiety, nervousness, etc. It's important to imagine yourself in a receptive state ready to receive whatever is needed for your healing and growth.

It's important to keep yourself open-minded and prepared for the information that may present itself. Sometimes it can be very personal or triggering in a way and you may find yourself overcome with emotion. Just remember that it's part of the process and that whatever is expressed is for your highest good. It can be overwhelming at times, but that's why I am here to help! Your loved ones and guides know exactly what you can handle. 

It's also important to reign in expectations when it comes to your mediumship session as well. I always do my best to bring through the person in spirit you're hoping to hear from, but I cannot guarantee it. It's not because your loved one doesn't want to speak to you, or is too busy, or some other lame reason. It's because my energetic signature must be conducive to that of your loved one. I need to feel them very closely in order to really bring them through and sometimes that just doesn't happen. But I will always give other options if your session becomes one of those rare instances.

You also want to release any expectation when it comes to the evidence that is presented as well. When you are focused on receiving one bit of evidence because it's something you worked out with your loved one before the session, it can take away from the overall experience because the whole time you're only listening for me to say that one trigger word or phrase. Your loved one in spirit comes forward because of you and the love you have for them. They want you to be open and expansive because that's how you'll feel their presence. Be curious and excited about the process, and don't focus on what didn't happen.

Here are some exercises that can help facilitate a clearer channel and a more receptive presence:

  • Meditation

  • Creative expressions like coloring, painting, dance, etc.

  • Energy healing or Reiki

  • Self care (epsom salt soaks, massage, relaxation)

  • Speaking to your spirit loved ones on a consistent basis leading up to the reading

If you're nervous at all, please don't hesitate to send me an email so I can help you work through whatever may be coming up for you. I want this experience to empower you in the best way!

How to Facilitate a Genuine reading

Scented Candles

In order to ensure I make a strong connection to your energy or that of your spirit loved one, it's important that you come into the reading with an open mind of receiving. Putting up barriers or expectations can lead the reading to not go in the way that is intended and I want you to leave our session feeling joy and comfort.

In a Mediumship Reading:

  • Respond to my questions with a yes, no, or I don't know

  • Do not provide too many details as I want to ensure I am making a genuine connection to your passed loved one and can let them tell the story

  • When we've concluded who the person is that has come through and points have been validated, please share stories about them! I love to hear your feedback!