My Spiritual Development

"No one ever said development would be easy."

I started my development journey in September 2017. I sort of just woke up one day and decided I'd change my mindset from one of hating life to just finding one thing I loved. At that point, I had nothing to lose. I was used to these aggressive changes as I've done this multiple times before where I'd just set my mind to something and do it. Little did I know that this change would shift my entire way of being.

It started off small. At first, it was crystals. I've always had this fascination with rocks. My grandparents lived in Arizona and every time they came to visit, they'd bring interesting stones back with them. I was always so enthralled with how the world worked. So in September of 2017, I visited my first crystal shop while on vacation in New Orleans. I could have spent all day in there just reading, touching, and feeling. I bought what stood out to me and decided I would research what I got later.

As the weeks went on, I started a "witchy" Instagram account; posting photos of my new crystals and totems, and tarot cards. Pretty soon, I became obsessed with all of it. I wanted to know everything that I felt I had been missing out on, but looking back, was pretty sure was there all along. So...

I studied tarot.

I attended past life workshops.

I bought a journal.

I spent an exorbitant amount of money on Amazon buying books about spells, herbal remedies, and crystals.

I bought more crystals.

I downloaded podcasts.

I read every book I could find on chakras, intuition, and the like.

I attended more workshops...and finally that's when something shifted...I had abilities.

It was another past life workshop and our peaceful meditation had just ended. Our teacher gathered us around to ask us about our experiences. Someone would begin speaking and as they spoke, I would receive images describing what they were going to say next. I remember looking around the room and being like, "What? Is everyone seeing this?" I realized that I was psychically tuned into the people there that day and didn't even know how I did it.

After that, I became even more obsessed with spiritual development. But little did I know the actual work that would come with remembering who I was as a soul. At first, it was all fun and games. Cute little Instagram photo here, a mini tarot reading there. But I started to get restless. I felt like there was more and I needed to figure out what it was. So I asked a few Instagram friends if I could practice on them by giving them a reading. A little mix of psychic and mediumship.

I don't really know how I did it, but I just did. I made the connection with spirit and communicated with them in a way I never had before. Looking back, it felt so pure and natural because I hadn't been "taught" yet. And that's how it starts for most of us. It starts as a natural talent and then we want more or to get better and so we seek out teachers and mentors who paved the way before us.

Sometimes we get lucky and find a teacher who helps us build up our own philosophy and unique way of working. And sometimes we get taught a load of shit and we form bad habits barely before we've even begun. Now I'm not badmouthing my first teachers, or the books I first read, or podcasts I first listened to. I learned a lot from those experiences. But I was also taught a lot of nonsense that had no place in my development. And it's taken me about 4 months and counting to rectify those bad habits and beliefs.

I am still in "development" and know I will be the rest of my life; or as long as I choose this path for myself. But my biggest takeaways thus far have been:

  • Personal development and the relationship you build with your spirit team are the most important aspects of all of it, and

  • No amount of classes can help you get better. They can teach you mechanics and techniques, but it ultimately comes down to what resonates with your own unique style and belief system.

Your personal development is exactly that...Personal. And I don't necessarily mean personal in keeping it private. I mean that everyone's journey to this place is unique to them. What triggers the shift, the people you meet, what needs to be healed, what needs to be released, and how that will manifest is unique to all of us. There is no "one way" and there is no "right way". It is not an easy task, and it is not a short task. It's an incredible journey of remembering who you are and how you can become one with it: your light body...your soul.

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