Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Meditation

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

What are your rituals on the Full Moon? Take advantage of this Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse with an intentional meditation.

The effects of the full moon are felt so strongly a few days before and a few days after the moon reaches it's complete fullness. It's effect is made even stronger when it's a lunar eclipse and the moon is at perigee!

That means it's time for some high-quality Moon Magic!

Taken from the book "Moon Magic" by Diane Ahlquist:

"Always remain positive and do not do meditation that would have negative consequences for yourself, anyone else, or anything."

My added enhancements: grab clear quartz, moonstone, or a stone related to your intention and hold in your palm. Light a candle if you connect to the fire element, a dish of water if you connect to the water element, a wind chime if you connect to the air element, or a dish of dirt/sand if you connect to the earth element.

"Recite out loud to yourself: This Full Moon energy is something I am here to channel. Come forth and hear my thoughts and wishes. Those wishes will become reality. By the next Full Moon, I will start to see the passageway that brings me to my intention. My intention is to...(state your desire)."

Take a moment to breathe and visualize your intentions. Draw on the energy of the moon, your crystal, and your element. Take note of all that you see, hear, and feel.

"Conclude by saying 'amen', 'and so it is', 'blessed be', 'thank you' or anything you feel comfortable with."

Take a moment to record your feelings, visions, and downloads in your journal. When the New Moon falls in Leo in July 2019, you can look back at what you wrote and see the progress you've made. Keeping a moon journal is highly recommended!

Love and light,

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