Chiron in Astrology

Updated: May 27, 2019

What's the story behind Chiron and what does he represent in astrology?

Chiron is a small planet that was discovered in 1977 orbiting between the planets Saturn and Uranus. In mythology, Chiron is a centaur who is half human and half horse. He was caught up in a struggle where he was shot with a poisoned arrow. Chiron tried to heal himself over several days to no avail. He ended giving up his mortality and Zeus took pity on him and placed him in the sky. This story is an allusion to why astrologers call Chiron the wounded healer.

So what does Chiron mean for you personally? Well, take a look at your natal chart and find the symbol that looks like a key. It's a "K" with a line and circle extending from it.

How does the wounded healer affect this lifetime?

Let's take a look at Chiron in the houses to give you a clue at to what challenges you will be working on that have stemmed from past lifetimes:

Chiron in the 1st House:

  • You're working on yourself in this lifetime and how to present the true you to the rest of the world. You struggle with trusting yourself and second-guessing decisions.

Chiron in the 2nd House:

  • You're working on feeling financially secure and finding value in the things that matter to you. You struggle with making money and/or saving money in this lifetime.

Chiron in the 3rd House:

  • You're working on the best way to express yourself and your ideas in this lifetime. You struggle with communicating in a way that isn't self-deprecating or makes you want to put your foot in your mouth.

Chiron in the 4th House:

  • You're working the relationships with your family, parents, and ancestors. Butting heads is quite likely with Chiron in this house and can make for a difficult struggle with being who you are and who your parents want you to be.

Chiron in the 5th House:

  • You're working on your creativity and relationship to children in this lifetime. You struggle with wanting to have children or how they will fit into your life, and how best to express your creative side.

Chiron in the 6th House:

  • You're working on the way you manage your ideas as part of team. You may want to take control instead of letting the group compromise. You may also struggle with health issues and keeping yourself healthy by making healthy choices.

Chiron in the 7th House:

  • You're working on your close relationships and partnerships. You may also attract enemies. Finding a partner you can trust and count on is a struggle in this lifetime.

Chiron in the 8th House:

  • You're working on understanding the more spiritual side of what happens when we die. You can also struggle with keeping finances in order or wanting to invest because it's a concept that does't come easily for you.

Chiron in the 9th House:

  • You're working on your spirituality and opening your mind to other cultures and ways of life. You may struggle with appearing close-minded or unwilling to budge on matters pertaining to religion or other ways of life.

Chiron in the 10th House:

  • You're working on your career aspirations and the way people see you in a business sense. You may struggle with feeling that strong work ethic and would prefer to be out of the spotlight.

Chiron in the 11th House:

  • You're working on how you fit into your social circle and believing in your dream and aspirations. You may struggle with finding like minded friends and group to share with and others may think of your dreams as impossible or outlandish.

Chiron in the 12th House:

  • You're working on your own deep dark secrets. You find it difficult to open yourself up to people because you're scared of who you truly are.

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