A True Skeptic

"You'll know it's real when you feel it."

One of the most difficult things about working in a field of spiritual study is the constant feeling of having to prove yourself. It shouldn't be the case, but it is. People have a difficult time believing a medium can communicate with the dead because it can't be proven. There is no tangible proof besides the feeling you get during a reading.

Most skeptics will say we do cold reading. Like I have the time or care who is coming to me for a reading. In all honesty, I go out of my way to tell clients not to tell me anything about why they're seeing me. I don't want to form any judgments or let my mind marinate in the information that can jeopardize what spirit wants to tell me. And I know many mediums who choose to do readings through the phone, never seeing the person they're reading and eliminating the idea that we read people's facial reactions or body language. Many times I close my eyes during a reading! That may be poor presentation, but that's another topic! I'm not saying all mediums are genuine, but word of mouth travels fast. Pay attention to the ones who reach you through client testimonial.

And then, many skeptics will say that the information we give is too "general". They weren't wowed by any of the information that was given. With that I will agree. Mediums who haven't developed long enough or who do not trust the information they're receiving, will either fill up the time with "fluff" or give general statements that leave the client feeling underwhelmed. For this I will say that it is so important for mediums to really sit in development for a long while learning to blend their energy with spirit. And it's also so important for them to heal aspects of themselves that may be limiting them from making a full connection with spirit. Like I mentioned in My Spiritual Journey, the road to development is not easy and it's not short.

But here are the meat and potatoes of this post: a person that recognizes the healing potential in a mediumship reading does not need to be made to believe. The thought is already there, it just needs to be explored.

I'm not looking to change anyone's mind or argue with them on the validity of what I do. Honestly, those people are the worst clients. I can feel right away if someone is open to receiving the messages I will be giving them, or if they're so closed off that this will be a waste of both of our times. I like the clients who are somewhere in the middle: open to the idea that this could be "real", and learning a bit about themselves in the process.

The healing that takes place in my mediumship readings belongs to the client and their loved one in spirit. All I am is the telephone that connects the two. If I can relay the message that their loved one is still with them and can tell them things that I couldn't have known otherwise, then I have to believe that this is for a reason.

And for me, that reason is love. And I don't need to teach a skeptic about that.

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