private mentorship

& Soul Aligned Coaching



Are you ready to study the planets and stars and make them work for you and your clients? This 1:1 mentorship breaks down the basics of astrology into digestible layers, and helps you fine tune your unique approach to reading a natal chart. 

Psychic | Medium 


Are you ready to begin developing your spiritual gifts as a psychic-medium and provide healing for your clients? This 1:1 mentorship creates a solid foundation for your skills, teaches you the ins and outs of how to give readings, and encourages you to look at your own spirituality and it's influences on your spiritual journey.

Soul Aligned Business coaching

This month to month session goes deeper into your spiritual understanding and awareness by helping you create actionable steps to live out your soul purpose and dream business. Not only will you get tips & tricks of running a business, but a deeper understanding of how your spiritual mindset influences what you create and attract. 

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