Soulful Mediumship

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Connect with your loved ones and receive guidance from the other side

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This session provides the most healing for...

Those grieving the loss of a loved one

Those looking for a connection to a loved one in spirit

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Book Now: $115

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In this 45 minute long session, I will connect with your loved ones in spirit to bring forward validating evidence about who they were to show you that our consciousness continues on after we leave the physical body. I will also bring through any messages they have for you to bring you guidance and healing so that you can leave the reading feeling empowered and with purpose. Information may come through that guides you on your path, connects you with your soul, or brings you peace. 

All sessions will be recorded and sent via Dropbox as a keepsake of our time together.
Please note this service is a 1:1 session. Inquire about group reading prices here.

Not sure how to prepare for your session? Click here to read about how to get the most out of our time together with spirit

Words of Kindness...

"Toni is truly the Real Deal! She brought in such accurate and loving messages from my Aunt, a person I was waiting to hear from for a long time! Toni is genuine, caring and is a true Light Bringer!"

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Kathryn Chavez

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