Mediumship & Astrology bundle

A one of a kind transformational experience

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Mediumship & Astrology Bundle

For the most in depth transformational experience, I offer you my Mediumship and Soul Purpose Astrology bundle service.

This bundle service works around the pivotal goal of transformational healing. It's a way for you to experience healing through connecting with a past loved one and receiving intuitive guidance, and then transitioning into a look at your natal chart to discover your soul purpose.

These sessions are quite long and are therefore split over two session periods. When booking, please choose your date and time for the mediumship session, and then I will contact you to book the second date and time for the astrology session.

You receive everything listed in the single services with the added bonus of saving by booking the two sessions together.

In order to have the most accurate chart, please provide me with your date of birth, exact time of birth, and location of birth at in the notes section at time of booking.

Please click the "Book Now" button to see my available days & times. Once you have requested an appointment, you will be sent a confirmation email, and then a second reminder email 24 hours before your appointment with the personal Zoom link.
All sessions will be recorded and sent via Dropbox as a keepsake or memento of our time together as well as an astrological summary of what was discussed about your chart.