Astrology Private Mentoring

Immerse yourself in the knowledge of the planets and stars

If you are starting to recognize that your life and experiences correspond with the stars and you're ready to share that knowledge with others, then private mentoring might be the right fit for you.


My private mentoring teaches you the fundamental layers of astrology, how to piece the layers together to interpret a natal chart, and provide well-rounded readings to help others on their spiritual paths. If you're not feeling a standard run-of-the-mill course, and you want something more personalized, then 1:1 mentoring is the way to go.


My private mentoring sessions are custom to what you want to learn, your own personal goals, and how far you want to take this new path. Astrology is in-depth and is a life-long study, but one where with my help, you can grasp the basics and a solid understanding of the planets, their interactions with each other, and how to make astrology more personal for the client.


As a student of mine, you will be required to do some homework and create actionable steps to ensure you're making progress. This is usually done in the form of practice readings where I observe and give you feedback as you go. I'll guide you as you use the Ephemeris to create forecasts, or coach you as you break down a person's natal chart during a live reading. You will feel comfortable and confident in the work you're doing and you will learn everything I know to help you reach your best potential!

My ideal student is someone who:

  • Is eager and open minded to learning new techniques and concepts

  • Embraces studying their craft and memorizing astrological symbols and meanings

  • Understands that astrology knowledge is lifelong and will constantly change

  • Accepts their role in the mentorship by showing up, doing the work, and taking action

Session Parameters

  • Weekly 60 minute private sessions on Zoom

  • Check-ins throughout the week for questions, concerns, breakthroughs

  • Voxer access seven days a week to check in, ask questions, or receive guidance

  • Students must have access to Dropbox for file sharing


  • 3 month mentoring package (12 weekly calls) Investment: $90 a week

Students will be expected to read and sign an agreement that outlines the schedule, cost, and details of the mentorship before the first session.

If private mentoring is what you need, please click the Free Consultation button to set up a 30 minute discovery call. We will discuss your goals, what you're hoping to learn, and we'll make sure our personalities fit before embarking on this amazing journey together!

I look forward to working with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What would a typical call look like?

  • The first few weeks of our time together will be spent learning and studying the different layers of astrology. This will include memorization of the zodiac signs, the planets, the houses, and all their corresponding meanings and symbols. Then we will begin piecing together different combinations and how that energy can be manifested practically. This will comprise a majority of our time together because it takes quite a bit of time to work with the different energies and vocalize them so that your client understands it.

What will be required of me outside of the coaching?

  • I highly encourage studying the combinations of the signs, planets, and houses, and looking for real life examples of how this energy plays out. It will help you memorize and get comfortable with the thousands of different ways a natal chart can be interpreted. I would also recommend practicing reading charts and making notes of patterns that begin to stand out to you to further your development.

Can I really learn all there is to know about natal charts and astrology in 6 months?

  • The short answer? No! Haha! But the long answer is: astrology and the patterns will be a lifelong study. But I feel 6 months is a good chunk of time to really feel comfortable in the basics and get to know what parts of a chart reading you are drawn to and how you can then market that to do readings for others. If you ever felt like you wanted more time, we could always discuss a second term or longer term.

Astrology seems super complicated and overwhelming. How will I be able to understand it and learn it all?

  • I'm not going to lie; there is A LOT to astrology. But that is also what makes it so amazing and fun! I develop ways to make it digestible and bite sized so that you don't get overwhelmed with everything all at once. In no time, you'll start recognizing patterns and energies and it will all start making sense. And then you'll never want to stop!

I have more questions!

  • Awesome! I love questions. You can book a consultation with me by clicking the button above, or send me an email here. I'd love to help you figure out if this is the right fit for you!

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