About Toni


What exactly is a medium and what do they do? The goal of a medium is to connect you to your loved ones in the spirit world. It's a chance to feel their presence and prove that consciousness continues on when we leave this physical body.

What sets me apart from the other mediums, is I take the mysticism and fear out of spirit communication. I want to show you that connecting with the spirit world can bring incredible healing and joy. For me, mediumship takes dedication and commitment to be ethical and responsible because there is nothing worse than a medium who disempowers you or creates fear. 

When you book a 1:1 session with me, I will be the voice for your loved ones in spirit and bring through validations about them and messages they may have for you. When the reading comes to an end, I hope that it has left you feeling assured that your loved one is always with you. I hope that you leave our session feeling better than when you came. That to me is the most important goal of all.

The door to communication with your loved ones is always open

My Background

Many people want to know why I became a medium and decided to pursue this path. Like many people who embark on a spiritual and healing journey, mine started with an event that would make me question if this life is all there is, or if there is something more. Both my dad and sister passed away in 2010 and 2011 and because their deaths were so close together, I couldn't deal with the overwhelming grief and just checked out of life. My younger sister and I talk about how there are certain experiences during those first years that we don't even remember. Our minds went to that safe place of blocking out the trauma. But it was through this loss that I quite literally woke up one day and decided that I wanted to find out why they had died and if their deaths served some sort of purpose. I had the same questions many people experiencing grief have: "will I ever see them again?", and "what actually happens when we die?".

I was not raised with a religious background, and if anything, I would have called myself an atheist. But something just did not make sense. If people could experience the feeling of something as strong as love, then wouldn't that create a bond that becomes unbreakable? And if so, then isn't there a chance there could be something beyond this physical existence? And that's when I started diving deep into spirituality. I attended workshops on past lives, meditations, and how to connect with your psychic senses. It was in one of those workshops where I very clearly connected with a man in spirit (although I didn't know it at the time!) and what I knew of this man was validated by someone in the group. It was shocking that I could do that! At the time, I thought it was only for "special" people. Boy, was I wrong.

From that day forward, I learned that I had connected and communicated with someone's loved one in spirit and I wanted to know EXACTLY how to do it again. And that is really where my training and development as an evidential medium began. It is something that has become so deeply ingrained in my life because even though I was pursuing it to help others, what I was really doing was helping myself. I was trusting that there is something after we leave this physical body, and that we will reunite with our loved ones again. Through this understanding, my grief lessened and I began healing. 

My soul's mission is to help others who are experiencing grief through bridging that gap between them and their loved ones in spirit. I want to help others begin their journey of healing and prove to them that you absolutely will see your loved ones again. And even better...that you can connect with them anytime you want because they are always right there. You don't even need a medium to do it for you.

Along with 1:1 sessions with people, I love getting to teach and coach others who are just starting their journeys and feel the call to develop their abilities as a medium in a practical and simple way without fear. My philosophy is based on removing the rituals and rules that place restrictions on communication, and instead focusing on empowerment and using your own unique way of doing mediumship. I teach developing mediums how to strengthen their connection to spirit so that they can begin doing readings for others and help spread the message of love from spirit. It brings me so much happiness to see others embracing their abilities (because we all have them!) and embarking on a path of spiritual healing.

On a more personal note, I've been married to my extremely supportive husband Jared since 2007, and we have an amazing 11 year old son named Orion. I enjoy vintage clothes shopping, make up (specifically Korean beauty), walking out in nature, and traveling. Oh and if you enjoy laughing, you may want to check out my new favorite social media platform: TikTok!