About Toni

What exactly is a medium and what to they do? I get asked this question all the time. The goal of a medium is to connect you to loved ones in the spirit world. It's a chance to feel their presence and prove that consciousness continues on when we leave this physical body.

What sets me apart from the other mediums, is I want to take the mysticism and fear out of spirit communication. I want to show you that connecting with the spirit world can bring incredible healing and joy. For me, mediumship takes dedication and commitment to be ethical and responsible and allow you to experience something truly amazing! 

When you book a reading with me, I will help connect you to a loved one in spirit to feel their presence once again. They will help me tell their story and bring through messages of love and healing that is needed for you in that moment. 

When the reading comes to an end, I hope that it has left you feeling assured that your loved one is always with you. I hope that you leave our session feeling better than when you came. That to me is the most important goal of all.

When you begin to be called to live out your soul purpose, you discover the hidden potential you've always carried

My Background

Many people want to know how I got started doing all of this. The story is quite complex, but one that had a significant impact on why I felt called to do this work. After losing both my dad and sister within 7 months of each other, I shut myself down emotionally. It wasn't until 6 years later that I quite literally woke up one day and said to myself "it's time do something and stop feeling like there is nothing else."

So, I began rediscovering the things that brought me joy when I was younger. It started me on this incredibly uplifting spiritual path that has completely changed the way I live and think. When I came to the realization that my soul chose this life path, I was finally able to see the bigger picture and could then begin healing.

One of the greatest gifts I gave myself was staying open to what's possible. I immerse myself in my work every day with rituals, creative endeavors, teaching, and continuous learning. I know I will forever be a life-long student of spirit and my trust in them propels me every day.

My soul's mission is to help others who are experiencing traumas and shadows that don't allow them to move on or follow their purpose. It's only through the acknowledgement of our higher selves do we begin to realize that we can lead the most extraordinary life imaginable. And that's what I'm here to help you realize as well. I have a background in teaching which enables me to create encouraging and intuitively driven environments that help others just starting their spiritual journey incorporate the wonder of spirit into their everyday lives and businesses.

On a more personal note, I've been married to my extremely supportive husband Jared since 2007, and we have an amazing 10 year old son named Orion. What can I say, I love mythology and the stars! I enjoy vintage clothes shopping, make up (specifically Korean beauty), walking out in nature, and traveling.


Are you ready to live out your soul purpose and connect once again with the fabric of your intuition? If so, let me help guide you back to your spiritual path.


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