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What exactly is a medium and what do they do? The goal of a medium is to connect you to your loved ones in the spirit world. It's a chance to feel their presence and prove that consciousness continues on when we leave this physical body.

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The door to communication with your loved ones is always open

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Hi, I'm toni!

Many people want to know why I became a medium and decided to pursue this path. Like many people who embark on a spiritual and healing journey, mine started with an event that would make me question if this life is all there is, or if there is something more. Both my dad and sister passed away in 2010 and 2011 and because their deaths were so close together, I couldn't deal with the overwhelming grief and just checked out of life.


It was through this loss that I quite literally woke up one day in 2016 and decided that I wanted to find out why they had died and if their deaths served some sort of purpose. I had the same questions many people experiencing grief have: "will I ever see them again?", and "what actually happens when we die?" From that day up until now, I have made it my soul's mission to help others experiencing grief to connect to their loved ones again and find that healing.

Along with 1:1 sessions with people, I love getting to teach and coach others who are just starting their journeys and feel the call to develop their abilities as a medium in a practical and simple way without fear.


My philosophy is based on removing the rituals and rules that place restrictions on communication, and instead focus on empowerment and using your own unique way of doing mediumship. I teach developing mediums how to strengthen their connection to spirit so that they can begin doing readings for others and help spread the message of love from spirit.

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Words of Kindness

I loved working with her and watching my improvement from one week to the next. She helped me gain more confidence in my connection and communication with spirit!

--Gina Sothern Mentorship Student